UFC: Sonnen-Silva 2 Moved To Vegas!

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Chael Sonnen will have a second shot at the UFC Middleweight title at UFC 148.

So, due to some United Nations conference scheduled for Rio De Janeiro at the same time, the UFC is scaling down their UFC 147 event.  Today they announced that the headline fight, Anderson Silva‘s 185 lb title defense against Chael Sonnen, one of the most anticipated bouts in UFC history, will be moved to UFC 148 in Las Vegas.  Now, featherweight title holder will be asked to main event the show in Rio, while Sonnen and Silva will headline one of the UFC’s bigger cards of the year.  But will the move shift some type of home field advantage away from Silva and towards Sonnen?  Hmmm, let’s take a look.

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Both competitors are very mentally tough, and I don’t see this making a big difference in the lines for the fight.

Granted, in Rio, Sonnen was going to have to deal with a lot of pressure.  The crowds, the language, the fans are all more aggressive in Brazil, especially to a polarizing figure like Sonnen.  Sonnen has done a lot of talking, and none of it too positive about Brazil.  UFC President Dana White had promised that he would have a security contingent follow Sonnen’s every move.

And Silva of course, was supposedly very upset about the news.  Granted, there may be some street cred, or even sponsorships that might be affected for Silva, but Silva is coming off a title defense at home (against Yushin Okami) and it isn’t like he is going to have to have 24 hour security in Vegas.

The bottom line is that the old cliche, that when the gate of the octagon closes, it is just one on one, applies here.  Ther fight is not going to change.

And like before, I am going to pick Silva to close this fight out before the end of the five rounds.   Sonnen in my estimation, is going to have a slim chance of finishing the fight, and if he is going to win, he therefore must fight 25 minutes.  He was not able to do that last time, he got caught.  And he will get caught quicker this time, whether it be in Vegas, Rio or on Mars.

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