UFC: Stephan Bonnar Retires, But Tests Positive For PEDs On Way Out!

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If you are what you eat, Bonnar may have gone cannibal on Randy Couture....




It could almost have been an old Saturday Night Live skit, with the critic telling Stephan Bonnar ’You don’t stand a chance in hell against Anderson Silva, but YOU LOOK MAHHHHRVELOUSSSSS’.  Well now we know one of the reasons why he was all ripped is because Bonnar has tested positive for the steroid Drostanolone.  Bonnar tested positive back in 2006 as well, and served a nine month suspension that time around.  Now with his retirement, any action by the UFC in terms of suspension are moot.  But when you ask why he did use PEDs, which Bonnar has supposedly admitted, it brings up a lot of interesting points.

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Bonnar is a tough guy, well trained and very gritty.  He was never known for his physique.  Now he may have wanted a strength bump against Anderson Silva, arguing that defeating the world’s greatest fighter would seal his legacy.  DId he do it for the edge?

Roy Nelson, a coach on the Ultimate Fighter reality series, asked for VADA drug testing for him and his opponent coach, Shane Carwin, and the UFC quietly crushed that whole angle.  Carwin has long been rumored to be a potential steroid user.  So despite their press releases and their statements that they really care about PED use, the UFC does not.

Then there is the cases of Josh Barnett and Tim Sylvia, both of whom tested positive while holding or in contention for the UFC Heavyweight title.  Both are tough, high skilled men, but neither was going to win any body beautiful contests.  For Barnett it is a bit of speculation, but he was fat before.l  Silva out and out said it, he did it to look better, to look more appealing.

So maybe Bonnar just did it to look good.  It is funny, because it asks the question, does the UFC tell guys, ‘hey clean up, tighten up your body and your look’.  They want guys looking like athletes.  This does not mean they tell them to use steroids, but with generalized advice and an ideal musculature in mind, some of the athletes have clearly turned to cheating to meet the standards.

So VADA testing?  It is the last thing the UFC wants.  Over the last year, there have been more positive tests than ever, a trend that is likely to continue.

What is worse is that Dave Herman tested positive for pot on the same card.  Herman will eat a suspension, maybe be cut from the UFC and suffer loss of income that can be quantified.   And Bonnar will suffer no consequences.  He may sit for a year on a ‘suspension’, but after that he could easily come out of retirement for one more fight.  This whole testing thing is a mess.

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