UFC: Super Bowl Weekend Event May Add Nick Diaz vs Josh Koscheck!

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The UFC needs to get Diaz back in the octagon - the pot smoking, leather throwing anti-hero has the potential to be a champion, and to be one of the bigger draws if he can be managed properly.

Word continues to spread in MMA circles about the UFC’s traditional Super Bowl weekend card for February of 2012 being some type of mega-card, with a ton of big name match ups.  There has already been talk of Rashad Evans taking on Rogerio Noguiera, and now perennial welterweight contender Josh Koscheck is looking to be the return fight for Nick Diaz.   The event is slated for February 2nd, and Diaz suspension runs until February 4th, so some leeway and orchestration may be necessary.  It does behoove the UFC to get Diaz back in the ring as soon as possible, as he is one of their more marketable commodities.

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Diaz is off a suspension for marijuana use in February of 2013.  Much in the welterweight division is up in the air until after Georges St Pierre takes on Carlos Condit here in a few weeks. UFC President Dana White has stated Diaz must win a fight before being considered for a title shot, but he is the best next logical opponent for either Condit or St Pierre.  Granted if Condit wins, we will likely see a rematch with St Pierre push Diaz aside.

Koscheck too is a solid top tier welter, and one who would catapult into the title picture again with a combination of a win over Diaz and a Condit win in the title fight.  No one wants to see Koscheck versus St Pierre again, I don’t think.

I look for the books to open the line for this match with Diaz as the favorite.  He is the more complete fighter, and though Koscheck has the ability to control where the fight happens with his wrestling, he will be in danger in most of those spots.

Koscheck is a wrestler first who has fallen in love with his standup.  If he chooses to box with Diaz, he will get eaten alive.  Even in the clinch, pushing Diaz up against the fence, Diaz volume punches should carry the day against Koscheck.

Should Koscheck get it to the ground, he will eat a lot of shots and Diaz has a very dangerous submission game.  So Koscheck should have no where to go.

So this is another for the ‘Dana, make it happen’ files.  The bottom line is with the dope issues in the sport, marijuana use is the least of the problems, and Diaz suspension is excessive.  Get him ready for the big Super Bowl weekend.

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