UFC Suspends Nate Diaz…. And More On Suspensions


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Nate Diaz has a few months off from his UFC to think about the words he uses.

Earlier this week I signed on to my PC and started my usual tour of news sites, and pictures of Nate Diaz were in the headlines.  First, I thought, he must have signed for another fight, which is great.  Then remembering that this was Nate Diaz, I quickly scanned the articles and the world ‘suspension’ quickly popped up.  Apparently the UFC has suspended Nick Diaz for his use of a derogatory word normally reserved for gay people.  So it looks like we will not have with Diaz brother to root for or against anytime soon in the UFC.

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This has really gotten ridiculous.  With Nate Diaz, my first thought was he got caught smoking pot somehow, but it turns out he use under suspension for his choice of words to describe Bryan Caraway‘s accepting of bonuses that were won by Pat Healy in the UFC, but went to Caraway because Healy got suspended for pot.

So what we have is the incredible circumstances that notoriously potty mouthed UFC President Dana White is enforcing this stuff.  Doesn’t anyone remember White’s raving blog questioning the sexual orientation of reporter Loretta Hunt?  But the UFC has gotten so big now that they appear to be overextending themselves.

Returning to Healy and the pot suspension, the agency that tests internationally recently raised the amount from tenfold for the amount of THC that you can have in your system.  Should the UFC and the Commissions follow suit?  If that were to be the case, Healy would likely not fail a test with the news guidelines.  Healy is unlikely to get his bonus back, so maybe him and Nate Diaz can go to Caraway’s and try to collect.

Along with the suspensions come fines, as Diaz was fined $20k for his comments.  The UFC in a failed attempt to spin the situation will donate that money to charity, though no specific charity was mentioned.

So as fans of the UFC, we will be without the retired Nick Diaz, who is attempting to get a license to start his own promotion from the same commission that suspended him, and we will be without his brother Nate now.  UFC fighters should be leery of other transgressions the UFC might decide to police, like leaving the cap loose on the OJ, leaving the seat down in the bathroom and double dipping chicken wings in the blue cheese.  Maybe Nate was calling Bryan Caraway a cigarette.   A British guy would think so anyway.


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