UFC Talk: Carlos Condit vs Nick Diaz II Talk!


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Nick Diaz and Carlos Condit fought a controversial bout that went Condit’s way.

Top UFC Welterweight contender Carlos Condit is without a fight on his schedule.  Condit has dropped his last two matches, and is looking at taking some time off to work on his wrestling and to heal up.  Condit recently told MMAJUNKIE.COM that he was thinking about a rematch with Nick Diaz.

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Of course, Diaz is officially retired, but most observers feel we will see him in the octagon again.  Condit is a pretty respectful guy who is unlikely to call Diaz out and get trashy, and Diaz sort of poo poo’d the idea of fighting Condit again in the post GSP press conferences.  But when Diaz is ready, Condit is the most appealing option that is out there right now.

It is an interesting comparison between the two.  Condit is talking about wanting big fights and how he will be remembered, and about continuing to improve and work on his game.  Diaz is applying for a license to promote events and has ostensibly moved on.  Condit definitely feels like he has another run at the title left in him.

Diaz fights with a lot of emotion, which is why you get the peaks and valleys in his personality.  Most people recognize this and feel he will fight again.  Diaz has to progress however.  If he comes back just because of a need for money, that is understandable, but it is unlikely to produce the type of motivation that Diaz needs.  You get the feeling that Condit would have been better off just calling Diaz a pussy for retiring and saying next time he would have beaten him up badly.  Diaz would probably be training tomorrow.

Unless something drastically changes, I expect the line to open for this fight with Condit as a favorite.  Diaz is a fighter with a large following, and an active betting following, so the line may close a bit, but it will not be reflective of the two fighters, because all signs right now point to Carlos Condit widening the gap between him and Nick Diaz.

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