UFC Taps Lyoto Machida versus Dan Henderson For End of the Year!

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The UFC decided to apass MAchida over for a title fight due to his reticence in taking a fight on short notice. He needs a few months with Steven Segal.

UFC President Dana White was raving again this week about Lightheavyweight Champion Jon Jones and fighters who don’t accept fights, like Lyoto Machida.   Machida was offered the match with Jones this weekend that eventually went to Vitor Belfort, and was immediately sent to the back of the line for a title shot.  For not taking the fight,  White has slotted Machida to take on Dan Henderson when he returns.  Apparently Henderson’s injury also moves him out of the title picture.  But you have to hand it to White, the Henderson vs Machida fight is a nice, marquee fight.

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The odds are going to see Lyoto come in as the favorite.  Henderson, in his 40′s and coming off an injury, facing a fighter who is a bit longer and taller who is a more of a precision striker, Machida will be at least a 2-1 favorite.  And Machida is going to win the fight.

But their could be value in Henderson as the underdog.  He is always going to be armed with knock out power, and he may be able to set a pace and get a few takedowns that could sway the judges.  The more likely scenario is that it turns into a boxing match, as Henderson stands and tries to land his big punch and Machida picks him apart.

Machida needs to come in pissed off for this fight.  If anything, he is one of those fighters who gets labelled methodical, and at times seems to lack a killer instinct.  He really is going to have to change his game a bit to get White’s attention again, as he brings nothing to the table in terms of marketing and charisma.


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