UFC This Weekend – Rampage vs Jones Hype

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Not saying he is overrated, but at some point someone is going to make Jon Jones look bad.

UFC 135 is tomorrow, in Denver, Colorado and it features the lightheavyweight title tilt between Jon Jones and Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson.  Let me go on record as saying I am leaning towards Jones as the winner of the bout, but that I’m tired of the overblown hype on ‘Bones’ Jones and I hope ‘Rampage’ pulls it off.  Jones got boos at the weigh ins from a segment of the crowd, so I’m guessing others agree with me.

Now don’t get me wrong, Jones is an awesome fighter, what he has done is amazing.  Since hitting the UFC, he has dominated some top talent and he has become the hot name in MMA right now, crawling into the top of the pound for pound lists and generally getting rave reviews without any detractors among the media.  Here we are now, the day before the fight, and Jones looked good at the weigh ins.

His opponent, Quinton Jackson, also looked good however.  He looks focused, and he looks like he is carrying that little bit of motivation based on a perceived disrespect that make him dangerous.

As I said, Jones has done good things, but this fight could serve as a reminder to the newer fans of MMA that Jones really only has 14 fights.  He isn’t a hall of famer yet.  And Jones could lose the fight.

First, it would serve to illustrate a hope of mine – a factor that helps to illustrate the differences between boxing and MMA.

In boxing, being undefeated is almost a must coming up.  In MMA, not so much.  My point is that as good as Jones is, he can recover status from a loss quickly in this sport.

And Quinton Jackson is a very live underdog.  Yes he tasted Hollywood, but do you really think people are beating down his door after he basically played Mr T?  Is Quinton Jackson the next Samuel L. Jackson?  Hardly.

And Jackson is street smart, he has to see the UFC is blowing up, and with the FOX deal it is going to go thru the stratosphere.  I think there is a good chance we get the best Quinton Jackson possible for this fight, and he will be dangerous to Jones.

From what I’ve seen, Jones has slight advantages in almost every aspect (reach, wrestling, striking) but if Quinton comes with what dog trainers call ‘game’, that instinctual meanness and readiness to compete, then Jackson can take the fight.

So we are in for a great fight tomorrow night, I feel.  And my point is I’m rooting against Jones.  He has already proven a lot, that is the truth, but he has to keep on doing it.  Beating Quinton would put another feather in his cap, but I also think new observers to MMA who are already christening Jones the second coming could learn a little lesson about the sport if he got taken out.





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