UFC To Announce FOX Headliner Friday

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Dana usually has a trick or two up his sleeve

On Friday, the UFC will announce their headline bout for their much ballyhooed November 12th debut on FOX.  President Dana White is scheduled to make the announcement at 1 PM Eastern time.  This should be interesting, however thre are a few chances the UFC had an opportunity to take that they are passing on.  So we shall see.

The word is that the first show to air on FOX will be an abbreviated one hour show, airing as few as 2 or 3 fights.  The scoop is that the show will be done and off the air before the Manny Pacquiao versus Juan Manuel Marquez boxing match airs on HBO PPV that same night.

That is a little disappointing.  The bottom line is that the Phillipines will stop as usual and all eyes will be on Pacquiao.  Likewise in Mexico, Marquez is an icon, and the focus of the people there will be on boxing.  I don’t think the UFC is ready to take those stars on in their countries, but this was a chance to give people in the US a choice between boxing and MMA and go head to head with the biggest boxing bout of the year.  I think the UFC would have faired pretty well in that fight, but they are backing out of it.

It’s my opinion the UFC needs to do something big for this first FOX appearance.  White is on record saying it won’t be Anderson Silva as the headliner at MMA Junkie, and there is a list of guys like ‘Shogun’ Rua, Clay Guida and Dan Henderson being bandied about.

I guess those might be good ideas, since Guida, Henderson and ‘Shogun’ usually make for exciting fights.

Bu I think they should go all out.  There is talk that Brock Lesnar might not be ready until the start of 2012, but could he be fast tracked?  There is also talk that the situation with Alistair Overeem and his Golden Glory management is something the UFC hasn’t nixed completely.  That would be two extremely marketable heavyweights for the inaugural event on FOX.

Use the other fights for Guida or Henderson, but do not lead with them.  Guida is a great little fighter, but he is kind of quiet.  Henderson too, he is mild mannered, and for the advertising and marketing power that supposedly comes with the FOX deal, what the sport needs is a few brash talkers for the hype.  Lesnar versus Overeem sounds just about right!


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