UFC VIdeo Picks: Demetrious Johnson vs John Dodson for The UFC Flyweight Championship

MMA Odds Breaker is back with the opening lines for the upcoming UFC Flyweight Championship bout between Demetrious Johnson and John Dodson. While the bout has yet to given a date and location, it has been made official by UFC President Dana White behind Dodson’s knockout victory over Jussier “Formiga”.

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Demetrious Johnson: -260
John Dodson: +200

When asked to render their predictions, Damon Martin of MMAWeekly.com and Larry Pepe of Fox Sports both made excellent points as to why there is value in the underdog, John Dodson.

Martin is quick to bring up that this has already been dubbed “the fastest fight in UFC history” due to speed both men bring into octagon. THe MMA Weekly contributor feels that while “Mighty Mouse” has a slight speed advantage, it is a minimal at best while Dodson has a massive edge in the power punching department.

Pepe seems to agree with agree with Martin’s logic, pointing out that when you have two evenly matched competitors in the cage for 25 minutes, you must favor the one with the clearer path to vicotry, which in this case is “The Magician”. Pepe also brings up a valid point in saying that Dodson has made his bones by knocking out fighters in heavier weight classes, and as we’ve seen, the power came down to 125 with him.

The one issue that should give bettors pause is that the Jackson’s MMA fighter sometimes goes through entire bouts on auto-pilot, and does almost nothing to actually try and win, but rather refrain from losing. However, this being a UFC title bout, Dodson should come with his A game.

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