UFC Women’s News: Cat Zingano Injured, Out of Rousey Match!

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Miesha Tate and Ronda Rousey at the weigh ins for their first meeting. They will meet again in the UFC later this year.

The injury bug that so plagued the UFC last year has struck again, this time in women’s division, as Cat Zingano (1-0 in the UFC) has been forced to pull out of ‘The Ultimate Fighter’ Season 18 coaching gig and followup title fight with champion Ronda Rousey due to a knee injury.  The UFC has filled the spot with Rousey rival Miesha Tate (0-1 in the UFC), leading Rousey to state to the media “This is what we really wanted all along”, and comparing their rivalry to Ali and Frazier.

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With all due respect to Meisha Tate, she really does not deserve this match.  The UFC and Rousey are all over the internet already selling the rivalry and trying to build up hype.

Tate, known as ‘Cupcake’ is a great fighter, but what she did in her first match with Rousey was survive, and get to about the 4 minute mark before finally tapping out.  Though she lasted longer than Liz Carmouche did, she never put Rousey in any danger.

Realistically the UFC had few options, as obviously they are still working on their roster and ‘Cyborg’ Santos continues to avoid the weight class, so there is no natural opponent that they could slip in.

Could Holly Holm have been ready?  Holm retired from boxing with a stellar 33-2-3 record to concentrate on her MMA career.  She is 3-0 in MMA and at the very least doesn’t come with the ‘recycle’ baggage that Tate does.

No matter, we have Meisha Tate vs Ronda Rousey for TUF 18 and a PPV later this year.  Enjoy, as the line at the sport books will likely have ROusey close to a 10 to 1 favorite by the time they step into the octagon.

Tate will take the spot, and she will likely become a big star.  But when the fight comes, don’t look for anything different.  This is not Ali-Frazier, not by a long shot, that is just Rousey spouting off at the mouth.  I would bet $1000 bucks that as of right now, Rousey has never sat and watched the three Ali-Frazier fights. Unless Rousey drops this next fight to Tate in some way shape or form, they won’t even get to a trilogy because by then, no one will care.  I barely care now.


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