UFC’s Down Week – Management’s Proclivities Part 5!

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Ahhh the Daisy Dukes! Phil Baroni in his modelling days....

Dana White was home earlier this week after a breakneck schedule.  Aside from the signings and cuts, and the Strikeforce decisions and TV deals in Brazil, Dana was crazed to buy his Christmas presents online – after all the company party is right around the corner.  Additionally, Dana is pressed to find a wedding dress to fit a 260 lb man for one of the upcoming shows.

Dennis Hallman had dressed with normal pants for his last show, and Ramsey Nijem was hurt, so he was stalemated with Joe Silva in his ‘collecting’ of certain risque MMA memorabilia.  But Dana, ever the workaholic, was determined to take it to the next level.

Dana was elated to find the original Phil Baroni Daisy Duke shorts for sale on one of those online sites, and he overbid on them immediately.  Dana felt this was the perfect Christmas gift for matchmaker Joe Silva.  He had to have them, and of course he was determined to give them to Joe after wearing them once himself.

UFC newcomer Cristian Morecraft had also agreed to enter the Octagon for his upcoming fight in a wedding dress, and he was determined to buy it before Silva did at the show.  He finally found a dress that would fit the heavyweight Morecraft at an online store for ‘Big Girls’.  Dana bookmarked the site too.

Dana closed the day in his traditional fashion, by calling Silva.

‘Joe, what are you wearing?’ he asked when Silva picked up the line.

‘Just a bowtie’ answers Silva.

After going over the usual business, Dana couldn’t resist, and he told Silva about the wedding dress.  The shorts would remain a secret, but Dana was overcome with hubris and had to show off to his underling.  The idea that Silva had a growing collection that may outdo his own really had Dana feeling competitive.

Silva laughed ‘The wedding dress has already been done Dana’ Silva states. ‘This guy in Japan did it years ago’.

Dana fumed to the sound of Silva’s laughter.  His idea, so carefully crafted, was out the window.  And that little know it all of a matchmaker was laughing at him.

As he hung up, the sound of Silva’s laughter echoed in his mind.  Dana, always resourceful, knew he had to cook up another plan to outbid Silva for collectables.




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