UFC’s Heavyweight Title on The Line in a Week!

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Bigfoot Bloody Bigfoot. Antonio Silva hopes his title fight with Cain Velasquez ends better than their first meeting (aftermath above)

The UFC 160 Heavyweight Title defense for Cain Velasquez is a week away.  Velasquez prepares to defend his title in a rematch against Antonio ‘Bigfoot’ Silva in a rematch that sees him favored by more than 6 to 1 at the sport books.  Velasquez, aside from his one loss to Junior Dos Santos, has been dominant and that includes his first round destruction of Silva the first time they met.  The line has spread since it was initially published, so with Silva sitting with a comeback of +550 or thereabouts, it is time to consider whether he really has a chance.

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In a recent interview with Antonio Silva that appeared on one of the big websites, he was talking about his preparation for the rematch.  He was talking about how he had not changed much in his preparations from the first time he fought Velasquez.  He has made adjustments around avoiding elbows better and he cedes speed in the fight to Velasquez, saying he will never be faster so he has to be smarter.

On the surface it would seem like folly to repeat what he did prior to the last fight, since he was run over and it so clearly didn’t work for him.  That would seem to be a factor in the line getting wider.  Silva is an imposing fighter, but I don’t think ‘cerebral’ has ever been used to describe him.  Now he expects people to think he will fight smart?

But what he is saying makes sense.  He knows he didn’t get off against Velasquez at all, and he is going to look to land a big shot.  We have seen the damage that Silva can do with his hands, and we have seen Velasquez on queer street.  When Junior Dos Santos hit Velasquez and hurt him, the wheels came off for Velasquez as far as precision and technique went, and he was a sloppy mess that was easy to hit.

The other thing that is noteworthy about the first fight is that ‘Bigfoot’ was lucid.  He was cut badly, and it was an appropriate stop, but he wasn’t out of it.  So if ‘Bigfoot’ can stay safe and doesn’t get cut, he will have five rounds to land that fight altering shot.

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