UFC’s Middleweight Division In Disarray as Belfort Takes Out Bisping!

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Anderson Silva (right) has been called an artist by UFC President Dana White. When will we see another virtuoso performance?

After this past Saturday’s UFC in Sao Paulo, Brazil that saw Vitor Belfort score a KO victory over British contender Michael Bisping in their Middleweight matchup really creates chaos in the Middleweight division.  Bisping has been clamoring for a title bout with head honcho Anderson Silva, and had been promised one next if he got by Belfort.  Well that didn’t happen….

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The immediate question that should be on every fans’ mind is when will we see UFC Middleweight Champion Anderson Silva next?

Bisping was up next with a win, and the match made sense for the UFC.  Dana White has talked in public about the difficulties of cracking the British market, and clearly a major title match in London with a British fighter would be something the marketing people can work with.  Bisping has worked extra hard for the title considerations, and he has fallen short before.  He is a tough fighter, and is very well prepared physically, but he is not a gifted natural athlete, and he has fallen short against precisely that type of guy throughout his career.  Silva would probably eat him up and shit him out, anyway, so back to the drawing board for the UFC in England.

Belfort didn’t sound interested in fighting Silva again, as he challenged Jon Jones and Chael Sonnen in his post fight interviews.  Belfort is at the end of his career and he has always been about the money – a Sonnen fight this year promises to be his best potential payday, since no one wants to see him and Jones again.

So what does that leave for Silva, who is enjoying his highest level of fame and respect ever and has stated he would like to return to the cage in the summer?

The George St Pierre and Jon Jones super fight ideas for Silva have appeared to lose their steam, as both men are booked already.  Jones especially, seems to be heading towards a showdown with Daniel Cormier after he dispatches Sonnen in April.

So what does this leave for us with Silva?  The dissappointing choice is Chris Weidman, who has lobbied hard for the fight.  Weidman is a solid fighter, but there is a question of seasoning – many feel he needs a few more wins over top names to merit consideration.

And what will Silva think?  Will a match with Weidman get his blood pumping for another performance, or will he just not do te fight?

Silva was a champion for British group CAGE RAGE in the past, and a return to London to face Bisping could have enticed him.

With no game plan, perhaps the greatest fighter of all time sits with no match scheduled, and that is a shame.

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