UFC’s Worst Case Scenario? I think We Just Got A Taste…

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UFC 141 - The preliminaries presented stalemate after stalemate - BORING!

OK UFC 141 is just getting started, and all the preliminary fights are in the books.  So far every single fight in the preliminary portion of the card has gone the distance, with several of the bouts even enough that they could be classified as boring stalemates.  Now, I do expect the main card on the PPV will have a few bouts that end early and most of those bouts have excitement written all over them, so things should work out fine.  But with the UFC and FOX at the beginning of a new relationship, there has been much talk of what would constitute a worst case scenario when it comes to a broadcast.

I think the industry just saw the worst case scenario.  Five matches going the distance, most of the action methodical stalemates where there were precious few moments where a finish seemed likely.

I like Manny Gamburyan as a finisher, he is usually aggressive, and his opponent Diego Nunez fought a good fight.  Alone, this fight would have been fine, but it started the string of decisions.

Jacob Volkmann should get a sponsorship from Nyquil, because I feel like that match was put there so I can rest.  Dong Hyun Kim fought a smart fight, and he needed a win in the UFC, but the fact that he was a better fighter yet took very few risks made for another ‘chess match’ (which is becoming to mean boring).

The other two bouts Pierson and Njokuani and Assuncao and Pearson where hard fought matches, but again nothing spectacular happen.

It is hard to blame anyone for what is sure to happen in the fight game.  But what if the four or five matches we will get to see on UFC on FOX or UFC on FUEL TV in the coming year wind up with the same results?   That would be bad for the sport, since people are still familiarizing themselves with the techniques.   Even if the bouts were hard fought stalemates, 5 decisions is not a good case scenario for the UFC as they try to really cross over to NFL like status.

When the UFC introduces Joe Silva, they say ‘The Best Matchmaker on the Planet’.  Well this card certainly didn’t show it.  I think it is easy to matchmake for the UFC, since the talent goes to them, and really all Joe does is watch tape and the TUF tryouts.  He has never hit the road to see a prospect at his home, small show, and see his worth live.  There are nuances about talent assessment that the UFC is missing.

I say this because if there is anyone to blame for these stalemates it is the matchmaker.


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