Underdog Alert: Pat Healy At Tonite’s UFC!


The UFC 165 card is later today, and Pat Healy sits as a (+200) underdog for his Lightweight fight with undefeated Russian Khabib Nurmagomedov, who is favored at (-240).  At 20-0 overll and with 4 wins in a row at 25 years old, it is easy to see why Nurmagomedov has a buzz around his name.  He is technical and has a high rev motor that puts out a pace few can keep up with. At 29-16 overall, Healy looks to be a veteran for the Russian to add to his growing resume, but a closer look at Healy’s 45 fights reveals that he may be a solid underdog bet.

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When people talk about ‘paying dues’ before getting to the UFC’s big time, well few can honestly say they have worked as hard in ring as Pat Healy.  Healy started fighting in 2002, as a 19 year old.  From the start of his career, Healy was a journeyman, whose chosen path was to  head to a regional show and take on their top talent.

Brad Blackburn, Chris Leben, Denis Kang, Derrick Noble, Dave Strasser, Dan Hardy and Chris Lytle were all fighters who eventually fought in UFC that met Healy prior to 20o5.  He has a 2006 win over Carlos Condit, one of the top welterweights in the UFC today.  He also saw ring time against Josh Thomson, who is in the next UFC Lightweight title fight, and current top welterweight contender Jake Ellenberger.

Fighting as a welterweight more often than not, Healy has fought the best in the world for many years, so maybe you take his 16 career losses with a bit of a grain of salt.

Healy is 6-0-1 in his last seven fights, with the no contest being a UFC win that was overturned because he smoked a joint with his friends a few weekend’s before.

Healy is still 30 years old and in his prime.  He has the ring mileage of a veteran far older, and at 155 lbs he has come into his own and he looks big and strong.  He knows that losses can set back his career, he has lost to tough guys before, and now in the UFC, he knows the difference between the small and the big time.  Healy’s recent suspension for pot was the last under the old regulations and amounts, and Healy would not have earned a suspension for the amount he tested under the new guidelines.  Healy has to consider that a bullet he dodged to stay in the UFC, and he is going to want to make the most of his chances when he gets them.




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