Up Next for Jon Jones? Lyoto Machida

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Lyoto Machida is a former UFC lightheavyweight title holder as well.

So the UFC 140 headline bout for the lightheavyweight title between Rashad Evans and Jon Jones has been scrapped due to a hand injury on Evans.  The UFC has inserted former title holder Lyoto Machida into the December bout against  Jones, and I honestly think Machida is a more dangerous bout for Jones than Evans.

Jones has been longer and more unorthodox than his opponents in his run at the elite.  Though Rashad is an awesome athlete, I think he was going to have a lot of disadvantages against Jones.  Height and reach being the most obvious problems.

But I’m not sure Rashad is a better wrestler than Jones either.  And Rashad is fast, but is he faster than Jones?  Not sure there either.

I also don’t like the fact Evans and Jones shared trainers for a while, because little things make a difference in a close match, even if it is only in the mind.

Lyoto on the other hand, presents a completely different ballgame.  He is long and tall also, and he brings a weird game, very unorthodox.  I think for Jon Jones this is the match I most want to see.

I have  long been a Lyoto fan, and at one time had him in my top five pound for pound list.  He likes to list karate as his style, but he is a real MMA artist and despite the two recent losses, is one of the most dangerous guys in that weight division.

Because I have said it repeatedly in recent blogs, I want to see a guy come from behind.  Of course it is impressive when a guy makes it look easy, but I want to see him show me those instincts when he is fighting hurt.

So here is to hoping that Lyoto makes a better fight than Rashad.  I see the fight with Rashad going like the Quinton fight.  I’m hoping Lyoto brings out something different in Jones, and I must admit the fight might be boring as well.

So let’s hope we get the best Lyoto possible, a guy with a game plan who shows Jones some things he has never seen before in the octagon.

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