Weekend Roundup Part 4 – UFC Brazil Highlights!

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Let's remember him this way! Vanderlei Silva will hopefully retire after his loss to Rich Franklin.

The UFC 147 event in Belo Horizonte, Brazil went down last night, and several important things happened on the show.  First, let me say I hope we saw the swan song of Vanderlei Silva, long one of MMA’s top names.  He dropped 4 of 5 rounds to Rich Franklin in a fight I lost money on.  We also saw Mike Russow falter for the first time in the UFC, and received confirmation that Fabrizio Wedum is a top tier guy.  Finally the first Champions of ‘The Ultimate Fighter’ Brazil were crowned, as Cezar Ferreira won the Middleweight final and Rony Bezerra won the Featherweight title.  Overall an exciting show, but a tough one for my bets.  Most people wont admit a bad day, but this is how my bad day went down!  Enjoy, haters!

I long talked about Mike Russow, and how he was a great bettor’s choice in his early UFC career.  And Russow didn’t have it against Fabrizio Werdum.   Werdum made short work of the big guy, taking him out with knees and showing what a real, top level heavyweight he is.  If Russow was B Class, as some suspected, then Werdum needed to make short work of him and he did.

And this may be where I engaged in a good bit of over analysis.  I pictured the locker rooms, with Russow coming back dejected.  Franklin and Russow are both midwest guys, and I figured they were together in hostile Brazil.

At the same time I figured Silva was watching Werdum break through.  Let’s face it the Brazilian have done well in the UFC in Brazil, and Silva certainly had enough reasons to want to win.  Now that Werdum had won, the ante seemed to be up – could Silva pump himself up for one big win or would he be the first big name to drop a fight in Brazil under the UFC banner?

So I bet Silva, because of the momentum and the way the day was going.  Unfortunately, I forgot Silva’s limitations and the fact that Franklin is a bad fight for him, I thought emotion would carry the say.

Don’t get me wrong, these types of things are factors in fights, and I will look at them again.  But this time, Franklin was able to whether a storm, and Vanderlei looked like a fighter with the same skill package he had in 1999.

Overall a bad night for me betting, but a very entertaining night of fights.

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