What Ever Happened To… Alexander Emelianenko?

I was off on one of my hunts for MMA videos on the internet, and came across this one.  Don’t worry it’s less than two minutes.  Take a look -

Here is a guy in Alexander Emelianenko who at one point when he was competing in Japan between 2003 and 2006 was one of the most feared heavyweights in the world. With a record of 17-5 and still only 30 years old, some would say he should be heading into the prime of his career right now.  Instead, he is floundering and his career is going nowhere.  The wheels started to come off in 2008, let’s take a look.

His brother Fedor was considered the number one fighter in the world, and they both signed with Affliction in 2008.    Aleksander had fought for years in Japan, he had fought in Canada, Russia, literally all over the world.  At the weigh ins for his fight the California State Athletic Commission cancelled his fight stating simply that he did not meet licensing requirements.  Privacy laws have prevented confirmation, however heavy rumors of a failed blood test (for Hepatitis) abounded.  Affliction tried to get him scheduled on their next card, but he was denied licensing again.

Just like that his career was derailed.  Japan was no longer hiring, and failing to get a license in the USA means you can’t fight in the USA.   His training was reported to have slacked off and his partying picked up.

By March of 2009, Aleksander had formally left the Red Devil Management team that until then had guided him (and Fedor’s) careers.

The fight above happened earlier today at M-1.  November 12th, 2011, Alexander Emelianenko against Magomed Malikov somewhere in Russia.  Aleksander has dropped two fights in a row to unknown fighters.

For his fights in Japan Alexander was well paid.  I know from an inside source that he was paid between $30k and $50k for his Eric Pele fight.  I’m sure that is not what M-1 is paying him.  In addition to him having made decent money, he was there to witness his brother’s success, and saw what the top of the food chain looks like.   He was more of a brawler and less technical than Fedor, but he was also younger and bigger, and he shared that ability to not show emotion that makes both very intimidating.   So how does he get motivated to fight for peanuts on local Russian shows now?  Judging from the above performance he doesn’t get motivated.

It would benefit him greatly to get licensed in the USA.  If the reason is medical, it is very disturbing that the standards are not the same throughout the world and that he can continue his career on shows that don’t regulate.  But it should be medically possible to get Hepatitis B (that was the strain most referred to in the articles circa 2008, but it is only speculation) out of your blood and have a negative test.

If he can’t clear this one hurdle we will be talking about Alexander Emelianenko as one of those ugly stories from the dark side of MMA.  He shouldn’t be fighting anywhere if California cannot clear him for medical reasons.

Now this is speculation on my part, but Alexander is a felon, and if I recall correctly he spent time in jail for ‘Banditry’.  That is the legal term for debt collection and thug work of that nature in Russia.   If that is the type of thing that holds up a license then Emelianenko should make a statement and clear the air.

And also please pay particular attention to the ring girl in brown.  Good God!

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