What Is Next For UFC Champ Anderson Silva?

This past weekend, UFC middleweight Champion Anderson Silva took out top contender Yushin Okami in convincing fashion.  It was another destruction for the ‘Spider’, so it begs the question what is next?

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They say he is the best ever!

Georges St Pierre went to McDonalds and ordered a Happy Meal.  He left half the cheeseburger and some of the fries.  This guy hasn’t finished ANYTHING in ages, and that fight is absolutely not interesting.  St Pierre would have to bulk up, and Silva already has destroyed 205 lbers.  It is simply not an interesting fight.

Now, what would be be an interesting fight?

Well, it may be time to sacrifice Jon Jones.  I mean, even the guy’s name is boring!

Don’t get me wrong it is a good fight.  But right now the UFC is going thru a boring streak with the top guys, be it Frankie Edgar, Cain Velasquez (Cain did his first fights for me and it was 3 shows before he even talked) or Jon Jones.  These guys are fundementally sound, but they are really not the marketable stars needed.  I’ve said it before, I do not want to hear ‘I do my talking in the ring’ and ‘I respect my opponents’.  These guys need to be confident in there skills and talk a bit.  When your champion and your talk is all this hogwash, it sounds like your hedging your bet.

So, let’s do Jon Jones versus Anderson Silva.  If Rampage Jackson wins then him against Silva would be even better!  Let the UFC promote a little black on black violence lol!  That is only a joke but Silva really needs to be challenged by a top 205 pounder, not by a blown up 170 pounder.

Main thing to me is that St Pierre really isnt that impressive, and I don’t see any way he can beat Silva.  OK, maybe he fights the perfect fight.  Will it be 3 or 5 rounds?  Man, to fight 25 minutes with no error against a guy like Silva?   It’s not going to happen for Georges.

Silva has had severqal fights at 205, and he has rocked.  let’s put him in there against the so called best.  Jones or Rampage.  Make it happen.

It is likely going to be Chael Sonene, which is a compelling fight, but I want to see the superfight at 205.

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