White Men Can’t Jump?

Ok, ok, so I know this is not about sports but there not much to talk about these days. The NFL greedy dumb-#$%’s can’t get to a settlement and the NBA realized it is cool to be on strike because everybody talks about you in the offseason, so don’t take it out on me, I’m just a regular sports junkie looking for adrenaline and things to bet on at BetDSI.com

Now, about this dude, I had my doubts to be honest because the guy is white and white men can’t jump we all know that, but then I started researching and found out this guy is Russian and that this is not a fake video.

The guy is clearly crazy but you can see in the reflection on the window that this is not a fake video.

In the end we need stuff like this to forget that the NFL and the NBA are not getting to an agreement and that the only thing going on right now is baseball… sorry no thank you, I’d rather look for a life.

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