Why the UFC 133: Evans vs Ortiz Match Should Only be Bet on via Live In-Fight Betting

The UFC Betting Odds on the main event of UFC 133 at the BetDSI Sportsbook is as follows:




Don’t get tricked by the odds, even though Rashad Evans is the favorite, as he should be, he actually has little no advantage over Tito Ortiz. Their last fight took place 2 years ago at UFC 173 and resulted in a draw. That draw was both fighters first and only draw to date. Technically speaking, Tito would have won the fight by decision if he didn’t get a point deducted for holding onto the fence. My point is that seeing how that fight was so close and considering that both fighters have evolved AND have started training at new camps, it’s hard to say who will really has the advantage coming into this fight.

Your best bet is to wait until you analyze at least the start of the fight before placing your bet. As BetDSI is the only sportsbook that offers Live In-Fight Betting, where you can bet on every takedown, every submission and every KO WHILE the fight is happening, they are obviously the best place to bet on UFC 133: Evans vs Ortiz.


What to look for while Live In-Fight Betting


Wrestling is the name of this game in this match. In their last match Ortiz seemed to control the fight with his wrestling and takedowns. This not only gets you points but leads to damaging ground and pound. If Rashad is getting the better over Tito standing up then there is no doubt Ortiz will seek a clinch or shoot for a takedown so that he can ground and pound or attempt a submission like he did in his last fight a month ago over Ryan Bader.


Rashad’s game plan will be to keep moving and let his hands fly with in and out combinations. He should look to keep the fight standing and be ever ready to counter takedowns with uppercuts, knees or sprawls. Look to see if he attempts too many leg kicks, if he does then just assume that Tito will score some points with takedowns.


Bet on the fighter who can execute one of the above game plans most effectively and cash in Live In-Fight Betting at BetDSI.

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