Women’s MMA: ‘Cyborg’ Santos Asks For UFC Release!

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Cristiane ‘Cyborg’ Santos has asked to be released from her UFC contract, according to her manager, retired MMA superstar Tito Ortiz.

The lines on the Liz Carmouche versus Ronda Rousey favoring Rousey at -1100, with a comeback of +700 for Carmouche, would lead you to believe most people think a Rousey win is a forgone conclusion.  the first ever women’s bout in UFC history is the headliner of UFC 157, scheduled for February 23rd in Aneheim, California.  The question what is next for Rousey remains unanswered, but this week it became known that potential rival and internet nemesis Cristiane ‘Cyborg’ Santos has asked to be released from her UFC contract.

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Of course this could be just a negotiating ploy by Santos, though it is extremely risky since ‘exploring other options’ is unlikely to turn up MMA fights that pay what she has with UFC.

Her reason for wanting out are that the UFC does not have a weight class for her, as she cannot make 135 lbs, which is currently the only women’s weight division in the UFC.  Poof, just like that, the Ronda Rousey versus ‘Cyborg’ match goes ‘poof’!

This is bad for all of women’s MMA.  UFC President Dana White has been very vocal about his disdain for women’s MMA, but made a turn around when he met Rousey.  White has been in the media saying ‘It’s all about Rousey’, and the UFC did give her a belt.

White has been lukewarm on women’s MMA, but he saw star power in Rousey.  White is a savvy dude, he did not get into this business to promote ‘Carmouche vs Rousey’.  What he has had in mind all along was ‘Cyborg’ vs Rousey.  Dana and the UFC are the right people to promote that into an MMA superfight, and if ‘Cyborg’ is released it goes up in smoke and could take the entire women’s MMA sport with it.

White could release ‘Cyborg’ sentencing her to limbo in the MMA sense, as few organizations can pay what the UFC pays.

If White refuses to release ‘Cyborg’, then it is a sign that White is doing his typically effective back room manuevering.  ‘Cyborg’ and Ortiz really don’t have a great position to negotiate from.  White is unlikely to start a 145 lb division to appease ‘Cyborg’.

So this all hinges on what Dana White does with the request to release.  Oh, and there is one other person who could shake things up – wouldn’t it be something if Carmouche pulled off the upset?  It could happen, next week.



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