World Series of Fighting 4 Is This Weekend!

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Tyrone Spong headlines this weekend’s World Series of Fighting 4 event airing on NBC Sports. Will he live up to the hype?

The 4th World Series of Fighting event comes to us this weekend from California on Saturday, August 10th.  This event packs the least name recognition, as the two top names on the billboard are really European kickboxers delving into MMA.  Company executive, 42 year old Ray Sefo is a (-285) favorite over veteran MMA’er Dave Huckuba (+225), while highly touted Tyrone Spong is a prohibitive (-1400) favorite over Angel Deanda, who sits at (+700).  The rst of the lines available are in the 3 to 1 neighborhood, so there is a lot of potential to pick underdogs on this card.  But can they win?

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The fights involving Spong and Sefo at least warrant a look at the underdogs, because it is rare in MMA that striking specialists without a ground game are this heavily favored in their matches.  The bottom line is that Sefo and Spong really cannot afford to let any MMA fight go to the ground at this points in their careers.

Sefo appears to be in the most danger.  at 42, it is unfair to think that his fighting instincts, which for years were honed in the stand up game, are going to adapt to the ground game well.  And Huckuba is a veteran of 25 MMA fights where he has had good success at the B levels.  In his last outing, he took out Carter Williams, who is a kickboxer first.  Huckuba looks most comfortable in the standup himself, and his ground game looks awful, but it will be enough to keep him safe from Sefo it goes to the ground with Sefo on top.  If Sefo tires, Huckuba has the toughness to outlast him.

Deanda is in a bit more trouble.  At 27, Spong is entering his prime and is already a world level kickboxer.  Deanda is a tough fighter with a solid record, but his penchant for engaging in slugfests is unlikely to be rewarded against Spong.

Deanda and Huckuba are both entertaining fighters, who would probably need to fight safe to have any chance at winning.  That is in neither fighter’s mindset however, and that is why they are such big underdogs.  But betting the dogs might make a rather non descript card more fun to watch!

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