WSOF 2 Recap!

Anthony Johnson (right) beat veteran Andrei Arlovski in his first bout as a heavyweight.

The MMA organization World Series of Fighting ran their second event last night in Atlantic City, New Jersey.  The main event featured former UFC Heavyweight Champion Andrei Arlovski taking on Anthony Johnson.  Johnson took the Unanimous Decision to stay perfect in his post-UFC career, while the loss is considered a setback for the Belorussian Arlovksi, who had not had a loss in two years.  Johnson was making his first appearance at Heavyweight and he weighed in at a solid 230 lbs.

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In an exciting featherweight bout, Marlon Moraes punted Tyson Nam in the opening round, KO’ing the youngster.  Moraes has been coming on strong as of late, look for him on the WSOF 3 card.

Sad days indeed for Brazilian Paulo Filho, who was pounded for three rounds by David Branch.  Filho, once considered one of the top Middleweights in the world, looked completely out of it in his fight.  Branch looked promising as he did a good job not letting up the onslaught throughout the fight.  It is hard to get a measure on Branch from this fight, because of how faded Filho is.

Speaking of faded Brazilians, JZ Cavalcante was on the card taking on Justin Gaethje.  Cavalcante was cut half way through the first round, leading to the doctor’s stoppage and giving Gaethje the win.  Cavalcante has not been able to get back to form when he was considered one of the best 155 lbers around, however it is a solid win for the prospect Gaethje.

Josh Burkman and Aaron Simpson fought for 3 minutes, and it was Burkman who did the damage early, bloodying his opponent in the standup game.  Burkman was flurrying on his opponent up agains tthe cage and landed a knee for a KO.  Burkman will almost certainly be on the WSOF 3 card as well.

The next WSOF event is scheduled for June.  Look for former UFC contender Jon Fitch to fight Burkmann, if the promotion gets there wish.  Also, look for Anthony Johnson to fight someone though he sounded like he preferred to fight at 205 lbs.  Look for more announcements on the WSOF 3 in the days and weeks to come.

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