WSOF 5 Announces Anthony Johnson vs Mike Kyle for Sept!

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Veteran Mike Kyle debut’s for the World Series of Fighting as he faces Anthony Johnson in September

The World Series of Fighting group announced their fifth show this week.  WSOF 5 is booked for Atlantic City’s Revel Resorts on September 14th and will feature a Light heavyweight bout between Anthony Johnson and Mike Kyle.  No other bouts have been announced yet, however the card also will likely feature Josh Burkmann and perhaps even Jon Fitch, as neither man is booked for the WSOF 4.

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Should Johnson win this fight, it would firmly establish him as a title contender, as the WSOF organization has promised to fill their vacant titles in the 2014 calendar year.  Johnson’s story with the UFC as a welterweight who had trouble making weight, is well known.  In his last fight, against Andrei Arlovksi, Johnson fought as a Heavyweight and he handled a solid fighter in Arlovski.

Johnson is finally beginning to show the focus and drive he appeared to lack previously.  The move to Heavyweight is understandable and should be commended, as the WSOF does not have a deep roster and Arlovski was the biggest available fight at the time.  Now he returns to Lightheavyweight where he is comfortable with the WSOF Championship firmly the goal.

Kyle is a talented fighter, but the knock on him was that he is a headcase.  He had a cup of coffee with the UFC circa UFC 50, but has not been back since because his career is filled with incidents that show an alarming lack of control and sportsmanship.  The most recent incident dates back only to 2010, so he is still unable to control himself at times long after the UFC put the axe to his contract.

When it comes down to it, mental toughness plays a huge role in this game.  Both men are talented athletically, but it is Johnson who has grown and developed and appears to have weathered the criticisms and gotten stronger.  With Kyle, an 11 year veteran in the sport of MMA, what you see is what you get.  Take Johnson on this one of the spread is anywhere near palatable.

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