WWE’s Dave Batista To Crossover Into MMA!?!

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If impressive physiques win fights, then WWE wrstler Dave Batista will be an instant contender in MMA.

This past weekend, the news broke that 43 year old pro wrestler Dave Batista was going to be looking to do an MMA match in the near future.  Batista, who in the past has been a top draw for the World Wrestling Entertainment group, has opened a gym in the San Francisco area and is training to make his debut in MMA. Let this blog serve as a warning to the betting public – as tempting as betting on the man who was known as ‘The Animal’ as a pro wrestler might be, this is one to keep your money for the penny slots.  This is why…

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First, in pro wrestling he is billed as being 6’6 and 295 lbs.   Though he is likely smaller, in MMA he has a 265 lb limit to make.  Can he make it, or will he take a match against a plus 265 lber, therefore fighting in what is viewed as a gimmick weight class that the UFC does not use and has very little legitimacy?

There are more questions.  Batista is from a bodybuilding background, and just take a look at him.  Is he another product of horse meat, or is he as juiced to the gills as he looks?  Let’s see if he even fights in a state where testing is done.

And who will he fight?  This is the big question.  Let’s assume a 265 lb heavyweight fight, there is not much out there on the independent scene as far as talent, and the UFC has indicated they have no interest.  Batista was in negotiations with Strikeforce as far back as 2010, however when Zuffa purchased that brand, the negotiations ended.

Could he fight someone like Bobby Lashley, another pro wrestler who is languishing in MMA?  Let’s face it Lashley sucks at MMA.  He has been boring and not explosive against terrible competition, and he has dropped matches to bad fighters.  A fight between the two would be a gimmick, and more than likely result in a terrible exhibition of MMA.

In fact, I look at Lashley as more of an example of what Batista’s career may look like in MMA.  If he keeps it up it will be just like Lashley, who has nearly 10 fights.  More than likely what you are looking at in Batista is a one a done fight.

As of right now, Batista is expected to make his MMA debut against Rashid Evans on October 6th, 2012, with show and location undetermined.  Even if you finda  a line on this fight, astute MMA bettors should stay clear of this circus.

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